Freedom Bus was a Project under the Supervision of the University of Applied Sciences Trier, our Friends - Professors and Students of our Partner Universities - in Poland, Lithuania, England, Jordan and many more and the European Union. An international Art-Cooperation by the Cross Border Network.
Individuality is not a static construct but rather a fluid state that does not maintain itself. During a lifetime it can sometimes be hard to recognize one's own individuality - conformity and routine can harm and even enable a cultural variety to become meaningless, if one is not aware of it. The object shows a slow and - at first - inconspicious process of the loss of individuality, leading to the absolute obfuscation of each element in the piece.

During the four hours of the exhibition's vernissage, the four colored tubes got slowly soaked by black ink, showing the slow decay of a society's individuality.
The Project in the final publication.

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