Kinetic Sculpture - Prototyping and Conception

A New World, always in motion - International Cooperation

It's Karl Marx birthday again, this time for the 200th time so it's time to celebrate. So the University of Applied Sciences Trier and our Friends at the University of Opole worked together to build a kinetic sculpture as a visualisation of the content of marx' works and his legacy, leaving the valuation open for the viewer.
In a 10 days workshop with many weeks of preparation, we worked together closely in international teams, creating concepts, prototypes and financial concepts for a cinetic sculpture.

Together with Rhoda Albers, Philipp Kern (Trier) and Grzegorz Kaczmarczyk (Opole) we decided to create a massive tower, representing the cage of the workers. A strong machinery, powered by the worker while being completely alienated from the result of his effort. The metal poles at the top represent the class society and its motion in all its instability. It's our new post marxism world, always in motion.

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